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Ultra Tint Day Block spf 30
$42.00 $34.95
Light & Active  Moisturizer 2.5 oz
$54.50 $39.95
Daily C Protective Cream SPF 30 2.5 oz
$38.00 $34.95
Clarifying  Mask 2.0 oz
$40.00 $38.00
Ocean Mineral Mask 2.0 oz
$46.00 $40.00
Regenerating Cell Therapy 1.7 oz
$90.00 $78.00
Oxygen Cream 1.7 oz
$37.50 $34.95
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Skin, Body & Spirit

Blend Specifics is a unique system of treatment products meant to be used alone or together to promote daily balance whatever the season or condition of your life.

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Blend Specifix™ skin care products are simple to use, simple to understand and specifically address your skin type and concerns. Blend Specifix™ products are founded on research by skin care experts and clinically tested for true potency with results shown to out-perform many popular brands.

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A clean face is a happy, healthy face!

Blend Specifix cleansers, scrubs, exfoliants, and makeup removers wash away the day and remove dirt and impurities to leave your skin feeling smooth, clear, and refreshed.

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Milancelos A Lanos

It's harsh out there!

Protect against dryness, sun damage, and harsh weather with Blend Specifix eye and skin care products. Our clinically-tested formulas defend your skin and deliver moisture. Active ingredients include oxygen, peptides, and vitamin C.

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Comos De Milano

Do-overs for your skin!

Clinically proven to prevent and improve a variety of skin concerns related to stress, acne, aging, sun exposure and more. The products are formulated with advanced, scientifically-backed active ingredients that make a real difference.

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