Facial masks are one of the most revitalizing facial treatments, as they coat your skin and sink into your pores to draw out dirt and toxins while providing vital nourishment. Blend Specifix facial masks are based on clinically-proven formulas and can soothe, nourish, hydrate, exfoliate, and help to clarify your skin. 

Select your facial mask based on your skin type and any skin concerns or conditions. Use after cleansing and experience the difference of Blend Specifix. 


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Ocean Mineral Mask 2.0 oz
Ocean Mineral Mask 2.0 oz
$46.00 $40.00
Clarifying  Mask 2.0 oz
Clarifying Mask 2.0 oz
$40.00 $38.00
Sensitive Skin Enzyme Mask 2.0 oz
Sensitive Skin Enzyme Mask 2.0 oz
Clear + Bright Exfoliating Mask

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