Every day our skin, body and overall health are affected by external factors such as seasonal change, stress, and lifestyle. As season's change, environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and sun exposure also change how we care for the needs of our bodies, our skin, and daily routines.


Our line of  Seasonal Blends addresses these challenges and a variety of others, including muscle relief, facial and scalp conditions and lack of energy, restoring balance and a sense of vitality and well being.


Each blend has specific attributes to work with your body and mind as it adapts to the unique demands each changing season brings, as well as the challenges and conditions experienced in daily living.


Blend Specifics Seasonal Blends products is available in pure essential oil blends, body massage oil, foaming bath & body wash, body lotion and exfoliating scrubs. Herbal teas complement each season and many conditions.


Use them alone or together to nourish and maintain a healthy sense of balance while keeping your skin smooth, soft and nourished.



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