Triple Action Lightening Gel 1.0 oz
Triple Action Lightening Gel 1.0 oz

Triple Action Lightening Gel 1.0 oz

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Triple Action Lightening Gel


Any skin type (except sensitive)


Use for: Hyperpigmentation, dark spots caused from sun damage or hormonal changes


A triple action gel formulated to inhibit excess pigment production & even out skin discoloration. Clinically-proven skin lighteners plus glycolic acid successfully penetrate the skin & treat

 hyperpigmentation by suppressing melanocyte (pigment cell) activity. When applied daily dark spots will diminish in a matter of weeks*. 

*In order to achieve maximum results, always use sun block and minimize sun exposure while using this product.


 A superior formulation including kojic acid, hydroquinone & licorice root extract, clinically proven to gradually lighten dark spots. Must use Sun Block daily while using this product.



·         Fast & effective treatment for hyperpigmentation

·         Evens out skin discoloration

·         Smooths texture while improving tone of the skin


INGREDIENTS:                     Deionized water, (5%) glycolic acid, (2%) hydroquinone, (2%) kojic acid, hydroxyethylcellulose, licorice extract, willow bark extract, imidazolidinyl urea


LINKS WITH                           Sun damage/Hyperpigmentation, Age management

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